Prenatal Yoga 6 Class Bundle

Prenatal Yoga 6 Class Bundle

Curious about the benefits of prenatal yoga, but not sure where to get started?

Receive 24-7 access to the recordings from a 6 class series that were recorded live on Zoom. With these classes, you will be able to participate in prenatal yoga in the comfort of your living room on your time. 

These classes help:

  • prepare you for mentally and physically for birth
  • ease your body of pregnancy aches and pains
  • harness the calming effects of breath work 

Cost: $97

7 Modules

Class 1

A nice introductory class. Gentle movements for the whole body including standing poses and stretches for the legs, spine and hips. 

I recommend you have a blanket for each class for your knees. It can also be helpful to have 2 blocks, but not necessary. 

Class 2

This class has a focus on the hips. A great way to help prepare your body to give birth, as well as a nice release for everyday living in this growing body! Standing poses both help ground and also build strength and stability.

Class 3

This class focuses on neck stretches and shoulder openers. A good way to release any tension and create better posture during pregnancy. I recommend a strap for this class.

Class 4

This class has it all: wrist and neck stretches, shoulder openers, bottom of the foot stretches, hip and back stretches. A good full body class.

Class 5

This is a nice fluid class. With movements linked to breath to help you clear the day, feel grounded and leave the class feeling much better!

Class 6

Posture. Hips and legs. Neck and shoulders. Another good overall class. This class also has a pigeon pose - with variations from which to choose. 

Modules for this product 7
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